§ 10.38 NUISANCE.
   (a)    and grass. All or growing grass upon any lot, parcel of land or adjacent right-of-way area in the city to a height greater than eight inches, or which have gone or are about to go to seed, are hereby declared to be a nuisance and a detriment to the good order of the city with the following exceptions:
      (1)   Native prairie and long grass areas shown on an approved landscape plan in accordance with § 21.301.15;
      (2)   Native prairie and long grasses within a defined landscape area on a single- or two-family residential parcel, provided that such defined landscape area:
         (A)   Occupies no more than 50% of the pervious surface area of the parcel excluding natural wooded areas, wetlands, water bodies, rain gardens, lakescaping and scenic easements;
         (B)   Is set back from property lines by at least five feet. The setback is not required where the defined landscape area abuts another similar private or public landscape area, a wetland, pond, lake or stream or if a fully opaque fence at least four feet in height is installed along the lot line adjoining the planned landscape area; and
         (C)   Is maintained at least once per year through mowing or, if appropriate permits are obtained through the City Fire Marshal, burning.
      (3)   Natural wooded areas;
      (4)   Wetlands, ponds or rain gardens;
      (5)   Lakescaping areas as defined in § 19.03; and
      (6)   Areas where mowing is prohibited by easement or law.
   (b)    . All piles not properly stored in a closed container upon any lot or parcel of land in the city are hereby declared to be a vermin harborage and attractive nuisance and dangerous to the health, safety and good order of the city with the following exceptions:
      (1)    piles located near the street or other specific area for pickup or collection for a period of time of less than one week;
      (2)    accumulations from a large storm event where it is not reasonable that be collected in a week or less; and
      (3)    that has fallen in natural wooded or wetland areas or yards.
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