(a)   Registration required. No person shall use, or cause to be used, a with its in operation for noncommercial purposes in the city unless he or she has first filed a registration statement with the City Clerk in writing. The registration statement shall be filed in duplicate and shall state the following:
      (1)   Name and home address of the applicant;
      (2)   Address of place of business of applicant;
      (3)   License number of the ;
      (4)   Name, address and telephone number of person who owns the ;
      (5)   Name, address and telephone number of person having direct charge of ;
      (6)   Names and addresses of all persons who will use or operate the ;
      (7)   The purpose for which the will be used;
      (8)   A general statement as to the section or sections of the city in which the will be used;
      (9)   Proposed hours of operation of the ;
      (10)   The number of days of proposed operation of the ;
      (11)   A general description of the which is to be used; and
      (12)   The maximum sound producing power of the to be used in or on the , including a statement of:
         (A)   The wattage to be used;
         (B)   The volume in decibels of the sound which will be produced; and
         (C)   The approximate maximum distance for which sound will be thrown from the .
   (b)   Registration statement amendment. All persons using or causing to be used, for noncommercial purposes shall amend any registration statement filed pursuant to this section within 48 hours after any change in the information herein furnished.
   (c)   Registration and identification. The City Clerk shall return to each applicant one copy of the registration statement duly certified by the City Clerk as a correct copy of said application. The certified copy of the application shall be in the possession of any person operating the at all times while the is in operation and the copy shall be promptly displayed and shown to any police officer of the city upon request.
   (d)   Regulations for use. Noncommercial use of in the city with in operation shall be subject to the following regulations.
      (1)   The only sounds permitted are music or human speech.
      (2)   Operations are permitted for four hours each day except on Sundays and legal holidays when no operation shall be authorized. The permitted four hours of operation shall be between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. and between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
      (3)    shall not be operated on the public streets unless the upon which such equipment is mounted is operated at a speed of at least ten mph except when said truck is stopped or impeded by traffic. Where stopped on the public streets the shall not be operated for longer than one minute.
      (4)   Sound shall not be issued within 100 yards of schools or churches.
      (5)   The human speech and music amplified shall not be profane, lewd, indecent or slanderous.
      (6)   The volume of sound shall be controlled so that it will not be audible for a distance in excess of 100 feet from the and so that the sound is not unreasonably loud, raucous, jarring, disturbing or a nuisance to persons within the area of audibility.
      (7)   No shall be operated with an excess of 15 watts of power in the last stage of amplification.
(1958 Code, § 95.02)  (Ord. 63-14, passed 6-24-1963)