§ 23.15 AUTHORITY.
   (a)   The City Attorney's Office has broad authority to implement, administer and enforce this article. The City Attorney's Office shall have broad authority to investigate possible violations of this article whenever it has cause to believe that any violation of this article has occurred, either on the basis of a report of a suspected violation or on the basis of any other credible information, including violations found during the course of an investigation.
   (b)   The City Attorney's Office shall promulgate appropriate rules to implement, administer, and enforce this article. Such rules shall:
      (1)   Be consistent with this article and may be relied on by , , and other persons to determine their rights and responsibilities under this article.
      (2)   Establish procedures for fair, efficient, and cost-effective implementation and enforcement of this article, including rules ensuring timely review of reports of violation and governing procedure for any appeals to an administrative hearing officer under § 23.19.
   (3)   Establish procedures for informing of their duties and of their rights under this article and monitoring compliance.
   The City Attorney's Office shall publish, maintain, and make available to the public any such initial rules at least 90 days prior to their effective date. Any revisions to published rules shall be published, maintained, and made available to the public at least 30 days prior to their effective date.
(Ord. 2022-31, passed 6-6-2022)