§ 23.02 PURPOSE.
The purposes of this article are to:
   (a)   To ensure that individuals employed in Bloomington can address their own health needs and the health needs of their families by requiring to provide a minimum level of , including time for family care;
   (b)   To reduce public and private health care costs in Bloomington by enabling individuals to seek early and routine medical care for themselves and their ;
   (c)   To protect the public's health in Bloomington by reducing the risk and spread of contagion;
   (d)   To assist victims of and their by providing them with job-protected time away from work to allow them to receive treatment and to take the necessary steps to ensure their protection and wellbeing;
   (e)   To protect individuals employed in Bloomington from losing their jobs while they use to care for themselves or their families;
   (f)   To safeguard the public welfare, health, safety, and prosperity of the people of and visitors to Bloomington; and
   (g)   To accomplish the purposes described in subsections (a)-(f) in a manner that is feasible for and that does not require to provide any additional to their if they already provide the same amount of that can be used for the same purposes and under the same conditions as required in this article.
(Ord. 2022-31, passed 6-6-2022; Ord. 2023-24, passed 9-25-2023)