(a)   Upon receipt of a report of an alleged violation of this article, the City Attorney or City Attorney's designee, may issue a warning letter notifying the that conducting or practicing on a or is prohibited and immediate compliance with city code is required. 
   (b)   Each instance or session of conducting or practicing on a or is a separate offense and violation of this article.
   (c)   A violation of this article is an administrative offense and will be enforced exclusively through the administrative enforcement and hearing process contained in Chapter 1 of this code.
   (d)   The civil fine for a first violation of this article shall be $500.
   (e)   The civil fine for a second or any subsequent violation of this article shall be $1,000.
   (f)   The City Attorney will report the violation and details surrounding the violation to each appropriate licensing board or authority.
   (g)   Notwithstanding any law or ordinance to the contrary, this article does not prohibit or preclude any other available legal remedies for any violation of the law, including without limitation, criminal or civil actions.
(Ord. 2021-3, passed 4-19-2021, effective 1-3-2022)