(a)   Affordable housing plan. Each residential development to which this chapter applies must submit an affordable housing plan to the city as a part of the application for final site and building plan, final development plan, or NOAH preservation in accordance with the requirements of § 9.06. An affordable housing plan is not required for a development in which the affordable housing obligation is satisfied by a payment pursuant to § 9.09.
   (b)   Content. The affordable housing plan must include the following:
      (1)   A summary of the tools, methods, and related approaches used to meet the requirements of § 9.06;
      (2)   The development philosophy and description of project performance metrics including, but is not limited to, development returns such as return on costs, return on equity, and both leveraged and unleveraged internal rate of return to assist the city in analyzing public participation;
      (3)   The number, location, description of the structure such as but not limited to attached, semi-attached, or detached, size and cost of the proposed market rate and affordable units;
      (4)   Description of affordable housing tools and incentives being requested as described in §§ 9.15 through 9.31;
      (5)   A site plan and floor plan depicting the location of the affordable and the market rate units;
      (6)   The income levels to which each affordable unit will be made affordable;
      (7)   The methods to be used to advertise the availability of the affordable units;
      (8)   For a phased development, a phasing plan that provides for the timely development of the number of affordable units proportionate to the number of market rate units for each proposed phase of development;
      (9)   Written confirmation that households with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Housing Choice Voucher rent assistance will be considered for tenancy in rental development;
      (10)   Plan to monitor ongoing affordability;
      (11)   The methods to be used to maintain affordability and the duration over which affordability will be maintained; and
      (12)   Any additional information reasonably requested by the Community Development Department to assist with evaluation of the affordable housing plan.
      (13)   Written documentation of how the development meets the objectives described in § 9.36.
   (c)   A developer or owner may propose an alternative method to meet the opportunity housing requirement pursuant to § 9.06 that does not strictly comply with §§ 9.07 through 9.14 and the tools and incentive sections §§ 9.15 through 9.31. Based on evidence specified in the affordable housing plan, the Community Development Department must make a recommendation to the City Council on whether to approve such an alternative if the alternative will provide as much or more affordable housing at the same or lower income levels, and of the same or superior quality of design and construction, and will otherwise provide greater public benefit than compliance with the requirements of this chapter.
   (d)   Upon submittal, the Community Development Department will determine if the affordable housing plan is complete and conforms to the provisions of this chapter and the opportunity housing guidelines. The decision of the Community Development Department may be appealed pursuant to § 2.85.05 of the city code.
(Ord. 2019-16, passed 2-25-2019; Ord. 2019-30, passed 8-5-2019; Ord. 2021-1, passed 3-8-2021)