(a)   Relocation in public ways. The shall comply with Minnesota Rules part 7819.3100.
   (b)   Relocation in public grounds. may require at expense to relocate or remove its from upon a finding by that the have become or will become a substantial impairment to the existing or proposed public use of the . Relocation shall comply with applicable ordinances consistent with law. Nothing in this § 20.04 shall be construed so as to invalidate or impair any existing easements in public grounds.
   (c)   Projects with federal funding. Relocation, removal, or rearrangement of any made necessary because of the extension into or through of a federally-aided highway project shall be governed by the provisions of M.S. §§ 161.45 and 161.46, as they may be amended from time to time.
(Ord. 84-15, passed 3-26-1984; deleted and added by Ord. 2003-31, passed 7-7-2003; deleted and added by Ord. 2015-37, passed 11-16-2015; Ord. 2016-4, passed 2-22-2016)