This Division C specifically adopts the following additional requirements for health, safety and maintenance to the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code. Where differences occur between provisions of this Division C and the referenced standards, the provisions of this Division C apply.
   (a)    required. Each licensee or of a within the city, when the licensee or does not reside within the seven county metro area comprising Hennepin, Carver, Scott, Dakota, Ramsey, Washington and Anoka Counties, must appoint an residing within the seven county area that the city may serve notices pertaining to this Article VIII or the city code. Notices served to the will be as effective as if made upon the licensee or . The licensee or must provide the the full name, street address and telephone number of such (s). A licensee or must provide written notice to the , with the required information, whenever the for a licensed has changed. The written notice must be provided to the within 48 hours of such change.
   (b)   Defacement of property or graffiti or both. The city will use the requirements and procedures set forth in Chapter 12 of this code for defacement of property or graffiti or both.
   (c)   Emergency numbers. It is the responsibility of the to post, in a conspicuous location within each building, emergency numbers for the police, fire and the or responsible for the building with authority to take all necessary actions to deal with an emergency. The must also post the following information in the licensed :
      Housing Inspections, Environmental Health Division, City of Bloomington, (952) 563-8934, Monday—Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and e-mail envhealth@bloomingtonmn.gov.
   (d)   Entry/exit doors. All exterior doors in common areas of multiple-family buildings must be self-closing and self-latching.
   (e)   Food preparation areas. All and with five to ten must be provided with an approved cooking appliance such as a stove top with an oven, an approved appliance for cold food storage such as a full-sized refrigerator, and an approved kitchen sink. Microwave and toaster-style ovens, dormitory-style refrigerators and bathroom hand washing sinks are not approved kitchen appliances. permitted to have 11 or more are required to meet the food establishment requirements of Article V of this Chapter 14.
   (f)   Garbage and recycling.
      (1)   Every and , except those with curbside collection services as required in subsection (f)(2) below, must have and maintain in sanitary condition adequate facilities to accommodate the garbage and recycling needs of the . Such facilities must consist of containers with tight covers for storage; and the of such multiple dwellings is responsible for providing collection service for both garbage and recycled materials in compliance with Chapter 10 of this code. Further, the garbage and recycling facilities must be in compliance with Chapter 19 and 21 of this code.
      (2)   Every or with a rented must have garbage and recycling curbside collection service with containers with tight covers for storage. The containers must be placed out for collection and stored in compliance with Chapter 10 of this code.
   (g)   Heat supply.
      (1)   Every of any must furnish a supply of heat to the occupants thereof to maintain a temperature of not less than 68°F (20°C) in all , bathrooms and toilet measured at three feet above the floor near the center of the , regardless of the heating supply design capacity.
      (2)   Cooking appliances and unapproved portable space heaters must not be used as a means to provide required heating.
   (h)   Reserved.
   (i)   Insect screens. At all times every door, window and outside opening required for ventilation of , food preparation and storage spaces must be supplied with approved tight-fitting screens of a minimum 16 mesh per inch and every screen door used for insect control must have a self-closing device in good working condition.
   (j)   Means of appeal. The city will use the procedures set forth in Chapter 1, Article II, Civil Hearing Process of this code.
   (k)   Motor vehicles. The city will use the requirements and procedures set forth in § 21.301.06(m) of this code for the regulation of motor vehicles at rental properties.
   (l)   Pest control. The of the is responsible for providing professional pest control services and must provide written documentation of such services when requested by the .
   (m)   References. All references to the International Building, Plumbing and Existing Building Codes in the International Property Maintenance Code are replaced with the Minnesota State Building Code.
   (n)   Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The city enforces the requirements for carbon monoxide alarms found in M.S. 299F.50 and 299F.51, as they may be amended from time to time. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms provided in licensed must be those designed with a test button that when pressed tests the function of the alarm.
   (o)   Snow removal. Snow plowing or snow shoveling must be regularly accomplished to maintain all sidewalks and parking areas in a safe and passable condition.
   (p)   Swimming pools, hot tubs and spas. The city will use the requirements and procedures set forth in Article V, Food Establishments, Lodging Establishment and Public Pools of this Chapter 14 of this code for public pools and Chapter 15, Article VI of this code for private residential swimming pools.
   (q)   Weeds, tall grass and brush. The city will use the requirements and procedures set forth in Article VI, Weeds and Brush of Chapter 10 of this code.
   (r)   Zoning. The city will use the zoning requirements set forth in Chapters 19 and 21 of this code.
(Ord. 2014-9, passed 5-5-2014; Ord. 2015-33, passed 11-16-2015; Ord. 2017-25, passed 7-25-2017)