4-1-5: FEES:
   A.   Required: No license or permit authorized or required by any provision of this code shall be issued by the village clerk unless and until the applicant pays the appropriate fee as designated in the schedule set forth in section 4-1-5-1 of this chapter.
   B.   Proration: When an applicant has not engaged in the business or activity until after the expiration of part of the current license year, the license fee shall be prorated by quarters and the fee paid for each quarter or fraction thereof during which the business or activity has been or will be conducted.
   C.   Disposition: Except as otherwise provided, all license and permit fees shall become a part of the corporate fund.
   D.   No Refunds: In no event shall any rebate or refund be made of any license or permit fee or part thereof by reason of death or departure of the licensee or permittee; nor shall any rebate or refund be made by reason of nonuse of the license or discontinuance of the operation or conduct of the licensed establishment, business or activity. (Ord. 80-52, 8-11-1980)