Water System Capital Expansion and Maintenance Charge
   51.01   Adoption
   51.02   Definitions
   51.03   Water connection charge
   51.04   Payments
   51.05   Investment
   51.06   Expenditure
   51.07   No connection without payment
   51.08   Enforcement; violation deemed nuisance
Water Supply System
   51.25   Necessity; description of system
   51.26   Cost
   51.27   Revenue bonds to be issued; definitions
   51.28   Revenue bonds; description
   51.29   Revenue bonds; how payable
   51.30   Bondholders; rights
   51.31   Management and control of systems
   51.32   Rates and charges; water service connections; billing; accounts; cross-connections
   51.33   No free service
   51.34   Rates to be sufficient for operation of system
   51.35   Operating year
   51.36   Funds
   51.37   Transfer of monies
   51.38   Investment of monies
   51.39   Bond sale in accordance with proper legislation
   51.40   Proceeds of bond sale
   51.41   Responsibilities of village to bondholders
   51.42   Additional bonds
   51.43   Form of bonds and coupons
   51.44   Authority to issue and sell bonds
   51.99   Penalty
   Appendix A:  Equivalency charges for sewer connection