(A)   The following uses and structures are permitted in the Residential District:
      (1)   A private garage or carport, not to exceed the following capacity:
         (a)   For a single-family dwelling, 3 cars; and
         (b)   For a 2-family dwelling, 2 cars per dwelling unit.
      (2)   A shed or storage building for garden equipment and household items incidental to a permitted use, provided that the floor area of a shed shall not exceed 0.75% of the size of the zoning parcel;
      (3)   A private swimming pool and bath house fenced and protected against hazards to the public in full compliance with the Indiana Swimming Pool Code 675 I.A.C. 20;
      (4)   Statuary, arbors, trellises, awnings, canopies, barbecue equipment, air-conditioning equipment, a screen house, flag poles, non-mechanical laundry equipment, open terraces, recreational equipment, walls, hedges, gazebos, hot tubs;
      (5)   Signs as provided in § 155.088 below;
      (6)   Off-street parking facilities and off-street loading facilities as provided in §§ 155.084 and 155.085;
      (7)   Ornamental light standards, outdoor fireplaces, open steps necessary for access to and from a residential dwelling or an accessory structure, steps as access to a zoning parcel from the street and in gardens or terraces, trees, shrubs and flowers;
      (8)   Outdoor parking of boats and camping trailers no more than 30 feet long provided they are parked no less than 10 feet from the property line;
      (9)   No manufactured housing shall be permitted as an addition to a principal dwelling;
      (10)   The following requirements and prohibitions apply to fences:
         (a)   Fences shall be no taller than six feet in height and shall be permitted in rear and side yards;
         (b)   Measured on a vertical plane bounded by the top and bottom of the fence material, and the two nearest support posts, and facing the property boundary, there must be as least as much open and unobstructed space within the area of the vertical plane as solid fence material;
         (c)   Barbed wire and electrified wire are prohibited from use in a fence;
         (d)   A property boundary fence shall be setback to a line that is not within a right-of-way, whether the right-of-way area is paved or unpaved;
         (e)   When a property slopes downward to a property boundary in a rear or side yard, a fence shall be setback from the side lot line or rear lot line a distance of 15 feet or to the crest of the slope, whichever is less, when the land surface slopes downward towards the property boundary at a horizontal to vertical ratio of 1:3 or steeper;
         (f)   A gate wider than four feet on a property boundary fence shall be setback at least ten feet from a right-of-way, whether the right-of-way area is paved or unpaved; and
         (g)   The design of a fence structure may be prohibited or restricted in accordance with the site plan approval requirements of § 155.042(B)(5).
      (11)   UHF and VHF antennas not to exceed 10 feet in height above the roof and black or naturally colored mesh satellite dishes at heights not to exceed 10 feet above the roof provided, however, no antenna may be installed in the front yard unless an expert selected by the town and paid for by the applicant determines that the applicant cannot receive the signal from any other location on the applicant’s property. Any towers constructed for antenna purposes will have a setback from any lot line equal to the height of the tower and the tower and the appurtenances thereto may not be taller than 10 feet above the roof of the principal structure unless a variance is approved; and
      (12)   Retaining walls not taller than 4 feet, garbage enclosures, stairs and railings shall be permitted in the front, side and rear yards. A retaining wall may not be constructed using railroad ties.
      (13)   No accessory structure shall exceed 16 feet in height, except that garages may not exceed 24 feet in height. Accessory structures will not include tree houses for play purposes.
   (B)   All accessory uses and structures shall comply with the bulk regulations of the Residential District, provided, however, that retaining walls not taller than 4 feet, garbage enclosures, stairs, railings shall be permitted in the front, rear and side yards and fences shall be permitted in rear and side yards.
   (C)   All accessory uses shall comply with all standards applicable to the Residential District. No accessory use shall be established or erected prior to the establishment or erection of the principal use or structure to which it is accessory. No existing accessory use may be expanded or extended except in compliance with all the regulations of this chapter.
(Ord. 208, passed 12-19-1983; Ord. 06-02, passed 7-17-2006; Am. Ord. 2014-04, passed - -; Am. Ord. 2016-11, passed 12-19-2016; Am. Ord. 2021-09, passed 7-20-2021)  Penalty, see § 155.999