(A)   For the convenience of those who seek to use the facilities of Beverly Shores, it is essential that adequate parking facilities be available.
   (B)   To prevent traffic congestion, it is important that parking facilities be located in a manner so that they cause the least possible impact on the orderly flow of traffic.
   (C)   The following regulations are designed to promote that goal.
      (1)   Required off-street parking.
         (a)   All required parking space for residential uses shall be located on the same building parcel as the building or use served.
         (b)   All required parking spaces for other uses permitted in the Residential District shall be located on the same building parcel as the principal building served or within 300 feet of the nearest point of the principal structure; provided however that no off-street parking for use in the General Commercial District shall be located in the Residential District.
      (2)   Standards for off-street parking.
         (a)   A required off-street parking space shall be at least 8 feet in width and 19 feet in length exclusive of access drives or aisles. Vertical clearance for a garage shall be a minimum of 6 feet, 7 inches.
         (b)   Each required off-street parking space shall open directly upon an aisle or driveway of a width and design as to provide safe and efficient means of vehicular access to a parking space.
            1.   All off-street parking facilities shall be designed with appropriate means of vehicular access to a street or alley in a manner which will least interfere with traffic movements.
            2.   A driveway permit is required for all off-street parking facilities.
            3.   The Building Commissioner shall not issue a permit until all regulations promulgated for a permit have been met.
         (c)   All open off-street parking areas shall be impressed with compacted macadam base, not less than 4 inches thick, surfaced with asphaltic concrete or some comparable dustless material.
         (d)   All open off-street parking shall be provided with adequate drainage facilities.
         (e)   Any lighting used to illuminate off-street parking areas shall be directed, screened or reflected away from other residential properties or other properties in a way so as not to create a nuisance.
         (f)   The parking facilities required in division (C)(1) above shall be made available as soon after the time they become required as weather conditions will reasonably permit, but in no case more than 9 months after the date of the certificate of occupancy.
            1.   In the event that occupancy is obtained prior to completion of the parking facilities, a bond or a cash escrow shall be deposited with the Clerk-Treasurer sufficient to guarantee completion of the work.
            2.   The Building Commissioner shall determine the amount of the bond or cash escrow.
(Ord. 208, passed 12-19-1983)