(A)   A building permit shall expire 12 months from the date of approval, except that a building permit for complete construction of the main building shall expire 18 months from the date of approval. The building permit shall state the expiration date. Once a building permit has expired, the project must be terminated, and all construction or activities related to the building permit must stop until or unless a new building permit is issued. A building permit will expire earlier than the expiration date stated on the permit if the project is completed. The completion date shall be determined by the Building Commissioner via the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, or if such is not required for the project, by issuance of the Building Commissioner's written acknowledgment of completion of a permitted project.
   (B)   If the project has not been, or will not be, completed by the permit expiration date, the owner must submit a new application for a building permit and pay the fees required. The new application must comply with all the requirements of § 155.056, and the fee for the new permit will be double the fee required for the original permit. No work or construction related activities may resume until the new building permit is approved by the Building Committee, the double fee is paid, any fine owed to the town is paid, and the permit is issued as provided in § 155.059. The Building Committee may waive all or a portion of the fee in situations where the delay in completion of the project was due to extraordinary circumstances not caused by the owner or any contractor on the project.
   (C)   All fees and fines shall be paid to the Clerk-Treasurer of the Town of Beverly Shores. The fee for the permits described in this chapter are set forth in the Town Fee Schedule, § 10.99. A double fee shall apply in the circumstances provided in this chapter.
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