A.   Any person, or the agent thereof, owning, leasing, occupying, or having charge or possession of any premises in the city, shall keep and maintain such premises and the right of way abutting such premises in a safe, clean, orderly, sanitary and aesthetic condition.
   B.   Except for city owned public parks, all vacant properties not otherwise subject to the provisions of section 10-3-4201 of this code, shall be surrounded by a minimum six foot (6') high chainlink fence on or adjacent to the property boundaries, or other alternative fencing acceptable to the director of community development, that is adequate to protect the public safety and welfare, unless the director determines that the installation of such fencing will be detrimental to the public safety and welfare. Any fencing required under this section may additionally require screening if the director finds it necessary in order to protect the safety, streetscape and overall appearance of the site. The provisions of this subsection shall be effective on July 1, 2005.
      1.   Any person, or the agent thereof, owning, leasing, occupying, or having charge or possession of any vacant properties in the city, shall be required to submit a landscaping, fencing, and maintenance plan, and post a bond in a form and amount satisfactory to the director or other security satisfactory to the director to guarantee compliance with such landscaping, fencing, and maintenance plan.
      2.   As a condition of any approval of the plan by the director, the plan must be accompanied by an agreement, approved by the city attorney, wherein the property owner or person having lawful control of the vacant property, covenants and agrees to landscape, fence and maintain the property in accordance with the plan and the provisions of this code and to provide for exterior security of the vacant property.
      3.   The maintenance of a vacant property shall conform to the maintenance plan approved by the director. (1962 Code §§ 5-5.103, 7-6.02, 7-8.02; amd. Ord. 99-O-2330, eff. 8-6-1999; Ord. 05-O-2464, eff. 3-18-2005)