Each tax or fee imposed under the provisions of this chapter which is a fixed amount, excluding those taxes or fees which are calculated on gross receipts, gross revenues, on a percentage basis, the tax imposed by article 4 of this chapter, and the fees imposed by article 9 of this chapter, shall be adjusted by the director of finance administration annually on July 1 of each year, with the adjustment for each year based upon the "Consumer Price Index, All Urban Consumers, Los Angeles-Anaheim-Riverside Area", as determined by the United States department of labor, bureau of labor statistics or its successor. The difference in the cost of living during the preceding year, commencing July 1, shall be computed based on such percentage, and the tax adjusted accordingly and rounded to the nearest one dollar ($1.00). Should the bureau of labor statistics revise such index or discontinue the preparation of such indexes, the director of finance administration shall use the revised index of a comparable system as approved by the council for determining the difference in the cost of living adjustment. (1962 Code § 8-10.01; amd. Ord. 89-O-2076, eff. 11-16-1989)