Article 1. Civil Service System
2-5-101: Established; Civil Service System
2-5-102: Classified Service Inclusions
2-5-103: Solicitation Prohibited
   Article 2. Personnel Procedures
2-5-201: Examination Required For Classified Service Positions
2-5-202: Seniority Credits
2-5-203: Eligible Lists For Classified Service
2-5-204: Appointing Authority
2-5-205: Appointments Within Classified Service
2-5-206: Appointments Not Within Classified Service
2-5-206.5: Appointment Process For Assistant City Managers, Deputy City Managers And Department Heads
2-5-207: Oath Of Allegiance
2-5-208: Disciplinary Action
2-5-209: Appeal Of Disciplinary Actions And Grievances
2-5-210: Abolishment Of Positions, Layoffs, And Demotions
2-5-211: Leaves Of Absence
2-5-212: Outside Employment
2-5-213: Adoption Of Personnel Rules And Regulations
2-5-214: Departmental Rules And Regulations
   Article 3. Other Provisions Governing Employees
2-5-301: Duty Of Police And Fire Safety Personnel To Aid In Distress Situations
2-5-302: Duty Of City Employees In Emergency Situations
2-5-303: Surety Bonds Required For Certain Officers And Employees
   Article 4. Retirement System
2-5-401: Public Employees' Retirement System
2-5-402: Employee Membership Mandatory
2-5-403: Continuation Of Retirement System
   Article 5. Labor Negotiations
2-5-501: Applicability
2-5-502: Definition
2-5-503: Adoption Of A Memorandum Of Understanding
2-5-504: City Representative
2-5-505: Economic Analysis