A.   The application fee shall be paid at the time an application for a building permit is submitted for any commercial, industrial or multiple-family residential development project subject to the transportation facilities and programs development fee.
   B.   The payment of development fees required by this article shall be made in the following manner:
      1.   Payment Procedure For Commercial Or Industrial Development Projects: Development fees required by this article from developers of commercial or industrial projects shall be paid at the time that the city issues a building permit for the commercial or industrial development project.
      2.   Payment Procedure For Phased Commercial Or Industrial Development Projects: If a commercial or industrial development project will be constructed in phases, and separate building permits will be issued for each phase, development fees imposed pursuant to this article shall be calculated on the basis of the floor area of the entire project. However, payment of the fees may be made separately for each phase of the project so that the amount paid upon issuance of a building permit shall be the percentage of the total fee equal to the percentage of the project's floor area permitted to be constructed by the building permit.
      3.   Payment Procedure For Multiple-Family Residential Development Projects: Development fees required by this article from a developer of multiple-family residential dwelling units shall be calculated prior to issuance of a building permit and paid for the entire development before final inspection of the first dwelling unit in that development on which fees are imposed. For the purpose of this section, "final inspection" is defined as that term is defined in Government Code section 66007, as amended. If a developer of a multiple-family development project does not pay the development fee before a building permit is issued for that multiple-family residential dwelling unit, the developer shall enter into a contract with the city to pay those fees prior to final inspection of the dwelling unit. The contract shall be recorded in the office of the Los Angeles County recorder and shall constitute a lien for the payment of fees required by this article. The lien shall be enforceable against successors in interest to the initial holder of the building permit. The contract also shall require the building permit holder to provide appropriate notification of the opening of any escrow for the sale of the property for which the building permit is issued and to provide in the escrow instructions that the fees required by this article be paid from the sale proceeds in escrow prior to disbursing proceeds to the seller. (Ord. 89-O-2076, eff. 11-16-1989)