A.   The fine art required by this article shall be located in a public place. A "public place" means any area on public or private property that is easily accessible and clearly visible to the general public. If located on private property, the area must be open to the general public during normal business hours and clearly visible from adjacent public property such as a street or other public thoroughfare or sidewalk.
   B.   The applicant may request to have the work of fine art placed on city owned property. Upon such request, the fine art commission may recommend a site on city owned property for approval by the city council. Any work of art installed on city owned property pursuant to this section, would be gifted to the city with an endowment provided by the current property owner for transport, installation, insurance, and maintenance, in an amount acceptable to the city council.
   C.   Each work of art shall be identified by a plaque stating the artist's name, title, date the artwork was created, and the year of installation. The plaque will be placed and maintained in a location near the artwork and easily viewable by the public. (Ord. 15-O-2672, eff. 2-6-2015)