10-3-4300: DEFINITIONS:
For the purposes of this article, certain words and phrases used in this article are defined as follows:
MANUFACTURING: Encompasses all manufacturing uses as described in section 10-3-1605 of this chapter.
RESIDENT: A person who is the owner of record, a named lessee pursuant to a written rental agreement or a permanent occupant of a dwelling unit who has and continues to reside in the dwelling unit as that person's primary residence at all times during which the home occupation occurs.
RESTAURANT: The preparation and service of food and/or beverage for compensation. For the purposes of this article, "preparation" shall include the reheating and service of food for compensation and consumption on site.
SIGN: As that term is defined in section 10-4-104 of this title. (Ord. 01-O-2383, eff. 11-2-2001)