10-4-104: DEFINITIONS:
For the purposes of this chapter, unless otherwise apparent from the context, certain words and phrases used in this chapter are defined as follows:
ALTERATION: Any change in copy, color, size, shape, position, location, construction, or supporting structure.
AREA OF SIGN: The area of one face of the sign, if the sign exposes only one face to view from any one vantage point, and shall mean the maximum width of the sign structure times its height for signs which expose more than one face to view from any vantage point.
ATTRACTION BOARD: A sign advertising only nightclub or cabaret entertainment and so constructed that letters and/or other advertising material can be readily changed.
BUILDING IDENTIFICATION SIGN: A sign displaying the name and/or address of a building, which sign is located on the same site as the building.
BUSINESS IDENTIFICATION SIGN: A sign displaying the name of the business to which it pertains and/or the names of the products or services sold or offered by such business at the site on which the business and sign are located.
CONSTRUCTION SIGN: A sign stating the names of those individuals or businesses directly connected with the construction project, their addresses and telephone numbers.
COURTYARD: Any pedestrian arcade, patio, promenade, or mall, whether covered by a roof or not, within or between any structure or buildings upon which the principal or main entrance to one or more retail businesses therein are located. "Courtyard" shall include buildings with one or more retail businesses having their principal or main entrance off and adjacent to a parking lot or parking facility and with no direct public access to any public street or alley.
EXPOSED TUBE LIGHTING: Any form of lighting that uses electrified gaseous tube lighting such as neon or fluorescent light not shielded from direct view by some other material in a sign or exterior architectural decoration.
FACE, SIGN FACE, OR FACE OF A SIGN: Any plane or other side of a sign which is painted or stained or lighted or has lettering or is illustrated, separately or in combination, to attract attention. In the case of a side other than a plane, the area thereof shall be computed as including only the maximum single display surface which is visible from any one position from which persons might usually view the same.
FLAG, BANNER OR PENNANT: A piece of fabric, canvas or any similar soft material, in any shape, that is attached to a structure, pole or wire.
GRADE: The level of the public sidewalk at the closest distance to the sign.
GROUND SIGN, POST SIGN, OR POLE SIGN: A sign which is supported by one or more uprights or braces in or upon the ground.
ILLUMINATED SIGN: A sign which has the source of light on the surface of the sign or in the interior of the sign itself.
LIGHTED SIGN: A sign which has a source of light located such that the beam of the light falls upon the exterior surface of the sign or a sign which is itself a projected image such as from a slide projector or laser or similar device for projecting images.
MARQUEE SIGN: A sign painted on, attached to, or supported by a marquee or awning.
MURAL: A painting or graphic design applied to and made integral with a wall.
PROJECTING SIGN: A sign which projects from and is supported by a wall of a building with the display surface of the sign in a plane other than the plane parallel to the wall.
REAL ESTATE SIGN (Such As A "For Sale" Sign, "For Lease" Sign, "For Rent" Sign, Etc.): A sign indicating that the premises on which the sign is located, or any portion thereof, is for sale, lease, or rent, and containing any of the following information, and no more: a description of the premises offered for sale, lease, or rent and the name, address, and telephone number of the owner, broker, or other person offering the same for sale, lease, or rent. In addition, the words "sold", "leased", or "rented" may be added to a previously posted sign for one period not to exceed thirty (30) days. The area of the sign shall include the area of any and all riders.
ROOF SIGN: A sign located upon and above the roof of any building.
SIGN: Any writing, name, number, figure, character outline, emblem, graphic, window etching, stained or painted glass, logo, mural, symbol, spectacle, display, delineation, announcement, advertising, billboard, signboard, flag, banner, pennant, device, clock, except analog clock without advertising, appliance, any structure erected for the purposes of supporting a sign, or any other thing of similar nature reasonably likely to attract attention outdoors in or on any face or wall, window, or storefront of any building, and shall include all parts, portions, units, and materials composing the same, together with the frame, background, and support or anchorage thereof.
SITE: All of that contiguous ground area legally assembled into one building or business location.
WALL SIGN: A sign which is affixed to an exterior wall of any building or structure with the display surface of the sign in a plane parallel to the plane of said wall.
WINDOW SIGN: A sign which is located on or inside a window of a business or building: a) within five feet (5') of and parallel to the window, or b) if lighted or illuminated, within fifteen feet (15') from the window or within a distance from the window equal to half the width of the courtyard or street frontage of the business, whichever is less, and lower than the top of the windows of the ground floor frontage occupied by the business.
YARD SIGN: A noncommercial sign that is visible from the public right of way. Yard signs may be temporary in nature, and may express a political, religious, or ideological view or opinion. (Ord. 80-O-1775, eff. 12-5-1980; amd. Ord. 88-O-2045, eff. 12-15-1988; Ord. 91-O-2119, eff. 7-5-1991; Ord. 96-O-2268, eff. 10-18-1997; Ord. 00-O-2345, eff. 5-19-2000; Ord. 04-O-2457, eff. 11-30-2004; Ord. 05-O-2459, eff. 1-5-2005; Ord. 05-O-2476, eff. 7-5-2005; Ord. 05-O-2480, eff. 9-2-2005)