Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, upon application by a property owner in a form satisfactory to the director of planning and community development, the reviewing authority may issue a minor accommodation to the following development standards as provided within this chapter:
   A.   Section 10-3-100, definition of "floor area", regarding floor area for ground floor commercial uses.
   B.   Subsection 10-3-1655A regarding restricted uses in pedestrian oriented areas.
   C.   Sections 10-3-2422, 10-3-2518, and 10-3-2618 regarding front yard paving in R-1 zones.
   D.   Section 10-3-2733 regarding off site parking.
   E.   Sections 10-3-1952 and 10-3-1953 regarding transitional setbacks.
   F.   Section 10-3-2416 regarding below grade driveways in the front yard setback.
   G.   Section 10-3-2020 regarding architectural features, building lines and open space requirements in the C-5 zone.
   H.   Repealed.
   I.   Subsections 10-3-2406C and 10-3-2506B regarding side setback extensions.
   J.   Sections 10-3-2413 and 10-3-2414 regarding the height of accessory structures.
   K.   Subsection 10-3-4101B regarding the addition of awnings, canopies and signs that encroach into a required yard of a building occupied by a nonconforming use.
   L.   Subsection 10-3-1956C regarding general operational requirements in commercial-residential transition areas.
   M.   Subsection 10-3-2516D regarding fences in front and street side yards in the Hillside Area.
   N.   Subsection 10-3-1953B regarding walls required along rear and side property lines separating residential and nonresidential sites.
   O.   Subsection 10-3-2730.2K regarding protective devices in parking lots and other motor vehicle use areas.
   P.   Subsection 10-3-2730B16 regarding parking requirements for medical laboratories.
   Q.   Subsection 10-3-1953A regarding walls required along property lines abutting an alley separating residential and nonresidential uses.
   R.   Section 10-3-4506 regarding over the air reception devices.
   S.   Section 10-3-4515 regarding amateur radio station antenna facilities.
   T.   Subsections 10-3-2409N, 10-3-2509K, and 10-3-2610K regarding elevator encroachments into a side or rear setback in R-1 zones. (Ord. 89-O-2081, eff. 12-7-1989; amd. Ord. 90-O-2107, eff. 12-21-1990; Ord. 90-O-2109, eff. 12-21-1990; Ord. 94-O-2193, eff. 3-4-1994; Ord. 95-O-2239, eff. 7-7-1995; Ord. 96-O-2266, eff. 10-18-1996; Ord. 96-O-2267, eff. 10-18-1996; Ord. 96-O-2270, eff. 11-27-1996; Ord. 96-O-2271, eff. 12-27-1996; Ord. 96-O-2272, eff. 1-9-1997; Ord. 98-O-2293, eff. 4-17-1998; Ord. 99-O-2333, eff. 10-15-1999; Ord. 02-O-2391, eff. 3-8-2002; Ord. 02-O-2395, eff. 4-5-2002; Ord. 03-O-2431, eff. 11-21-2003; Ord. 05-O-2461, eff. 3-18-2005; Ord. 09-O-2563, eff. 2-22-2009; Ord. 17-O-2723, eff. 2-10-2017)