A.   If lots adjacent to the site area are used for parking in accordance with sections 10-3-3407 and 10-3-3408 of this chapter, the access into any parking area from any alley which leads from a residential area shall be blocked at the property line of the parking facility or structure, and any alley to be vacated for the construction of such parking facilities or structures shall be relocated as required by the director of traffic and parking to provide access to a public street.
   B.   Any alley required by subsection A of this section or widened as set forth in subsection 10-3-3408D of this chapter shall be dedicated to the city by the owner of any property developed pursuant to the provisions of this article and shall be constructed by the owner according to city standards. The owner shall be responsible for the relocation of any utilities made necessary by alley widening or relocation. (Ord. 76-O-1596, eff. 2-19-1976)