All parking facilities or structures constructed or erected in conjunction with commercial development as permitted pursuant to the provisions of subsection 10-3-3407B of this chapter on property adjacent to the site area shall conform to the following standards in addition to any other standards set forth in this code:
   A.   Any parking structure constructed or erected on the lots south of the site area shall have at least two (2) complete levels of parking constructed below the surface level before any portion of a parking structure may be constructed above the surface level.
   B.   The location of all ventilation systems and ducts shall be subject to the approval of the building official and shall be located so as to reduce air pollution impacts and noise impacts on adjacent residential areas to a minimum.
   C.   Motor vehicle entrances and exits to and from any parking facility or structure shall be to a street and shall be designed and located so that vehicles entering or exiting will not be directed into or from adjacent residential areas. The design and location of entrances and exits shall be approved by the director of traffic and parking, and he may impose such conditions upon the approval of such design and location as will satisfy the objectives of this subsection and as are necessary, to promote traffic movement and safety.
   D.   The setbacks required in section 10-3-3719 of this chapter for parking facilities and structures shall apply, except that side setbacks from adjacent residential properties for facilities or structures built on three (3) or four (4) lots may be reduced one foot (1') for each foot that any alley separating property in the commercial-retail overlay zone from the parking facility or structure is widened; provided however, the setback shall not be reduced more than six feet (6'). (Ord. 76-O-1596, eff. 2-19-1976)