A.   Registrants indebted to the city of Beverly Hills for unpaid taxes, penalties or interest (hereafter "the delinquency") may, upon a determination by the director of finance administration that: 1) the registrant lacks the present ability to pay the entire sum due and 2) a reasonable basis exists to believe that registrant can successfully make monthly payments on a timely basis, enter into a written agreement with the city for a period not to exceed three (3) years for the installment payment of the delinquency on such terms as the director may approve.
   B.   Any installment or other partial payment received by the department of finance administration, whether or not as a result of a written agreement pursuant to this section, shall be applied to that portion of the delinquency which first arose in time.
   C.   Any agreement executed pursuant to this section, shall include, without limitation, provisions reciting the registrant's admission that the delinquency is presently due, the continued accrual of interest, an acceleration clause, the recovery of attorney fees and costs in any litigation to enforce the agreement, the reservation of all of the city's rights and remedies to enforce its laws, as well as a recital that no penalties shall be applied to the unpaid portion of the delinquency for the period covered by the agreement so long as all installment payments are timely made. (Ord. 96-O-2255, eff. 3-22-1996)