Notwithstanding any other provision of this Code or ordinance of the City of Beverly Hills, the following shall not be permitted to be established unless a development plan is approved pursuant to the provisions of this article establishing a development plan review procedure unless exempted pursuant to section 10-3-3101 of this article:
   A.   All uses involving new construction that requires the issuance of a building permit other than new construction subject to a discretionary permit under this chapter (excluding architectural review) or any other interim zoning ordinance of the City.
   B.   All rooftop gymnasiums and lunchrooms permitted pursuant to section 10-3-3107 of this article.
   C.   All projects constructed pursuant to a density bonus permit.
   D.   All new parking lots.
A new parking lot shall mean a parking lot established in a location not previously used for parking purposes.
   E.   Conversion of parking to a commercial parking lot.
Parking shall be considered to be converted to a commercial parking lot upon the initial posting of signs advertising the availability of such parking to the general public. Nothing in this subsection shall require development plan review of an existing parking lot that currently contains signage advertising the availability of parking to the general public. Signage indicating the availability of parking for patrons or employees of a commercial establishment shall not be considered to be signage advertising the availability of parking to the general public.
   F.   All common interest development projects, as defined in chapter 2, article 7 of this title.
   G.   All projects which would increase the floor area of a structure or building by two thousand five hundred (2,500) square feet or more.
   H.   All projects that would increase the height of a structure or building more than twenty-four (24) inches, but not exceeding the maximum height limit otherwise applicable to the zone nor resulting in an additional story, unless the addition or alteration is specified in this chapter as an element not considered when determining building height. (Ord. 18-O-2755, eff. 7-20-2018; amd. Ord. 22-O-2860, eff. 6-10-2022)