The development plan review procedure required by this article shall not apply to the following:
   A.   Single-family residences and accessory uses permitted in single-family zones except single-family residences constructed pursuant to a density bonus permit.
   B.   Signs.
   C.   Sculptures or other types of artwork.
   D.   Landscaping not involving any new construction of buildings or structures on the site.
   E.   Facade remodeling of existing buildings or structures not increasing the square footage by two thousand five hundred (2,500) square feet or more, or the height of the building or structure.
   F.   Awnings.
   G.   Encroachment permits approved by the City Council.
   H.   New construction involving less than two thousand five hundred (2,500) square feet of new or additional floor area that does not increase the height of the structure or building and is not for the purpose of establishing a rooftop gymnasium or lunchroom pursuant to section 10-3-3107 of this article, or an automatic teller machine adjacent to a public right-of-way.
   I.   Resurfacing, restriping and similar alteration of an existing legally nonconforming surface parking facility.
   J.   Satellite dish antennas permitted as accessory uses pursuant to section 10-3-4503 of this chapter.
   K.   Wireless telecommunication antenna facilities permitted without a conditional use permit pursuant to section 10-3-4509 of this chapter. (Ord. 11-O-2615, eff. 12-16-2011)