A.   In addition to the parking requirements of section 10-3-2866 of this chapter, a hotel access area shall be provided in the vicinity of the entrance to the hotel, and such area shall accommodate on site holding for not less than the following aggregate number of vehicles; provided, further, the planning commission, under the conditional use permit, may reduce such requirements up to a maximum of thirty percent (30%) if the planning commission finds that a proportional increase in the level of valet parking service is effected through the use of additional valet parking personnel:
      1.   Four and one-half percent (41/2%) of the parking required for the hotel guestrooms under subsection 10-3-2866A of this chapter;
      2.   Four and one-half percent (41/2%) of the parking required for the restaurant/bar facilities under subsection 10-3-2866B of this chapter;
      3.   Sixteen percent (16%) of the parking required for the public assembly areas under subsection 10-3-2866C of this chapter; and
      4.   One taxicab parking space for each forty (40) hotel guestrooms.
   B.   The traffic pattern for vehicle ingress and egress from the hotel access area to the public streets shall be designed to minimize interference with the flow of traffic on public streets, shall require the approval of the transportation/engineering official, and shall be designated in the site plan for inclusion in the conditional use permit approval process. (Ord. 84-O-1937, eff. 11-1-1984)