Any hotel developed under this article shall comply with the following minimum parking requirements:
   A.   On site parking space for hotel guestrooms as required by subsection 10-3-2730B1 of this chapter;
   B.   On site parking for hotel restaurant and bar uses that are open to the public shall be provided as required by subsection 10-3-2730B9 of this chapter, except that the twenty five percent (25%) credit for parking set forth in that subsection shall not apply to a hotel restaurant or bar that is open to the public;
   C.   On site parking space for public assembly areas as required by subsection 10-3-2730B4 of this chapter or, where public assembly capacity is established by conditional use permit, not less than one parking space for each two (2) occupants;
   D.   On site parking space for retail and other commercial uses as required by section 10-3-2730 of this chapter; provided, further:
      1.   Fifty percent (50%) of the parking furnished under subsection A of this section may be credited to the parking requirements under this subsection;
      2.   The parking requirements specified in this article include parking for any floor area used as an integral part of the designated use, and subsection 10-3-2730B10 of this chapter shall not be applicable to such areas;
   E.   One-third (1/3) of the parking spaces required by subsection A of this section shall be used exclusively for hotel employee parking, and such spaces shall be subject to the following provisions:
      1.   Such parking shall be furnished without charge to the employees;
      2.   Employee parking as designated in subsection E1 of this section may be off the site if such parking is situated within five hundred feet (500') of the hotel and the off site parking is authorized under the conditional use permit;
   F.   "Appurtenant service uses" as defined in this article shall be exempt from the parking requirements set forth in this section;
   G.   A program of validated parking for hotel and hotel related uses shall be developed by the city manager or his designee and shall be effective when approved by the council. Such validated parking program shall be phased in and uniformly applied to both existing and new hotels;
   H.   The required parking space requirements under this article may be satisfied by providing tandem parking spaces or compact automobile parking spaces which comply with the applicable regulations set forth in the minimum parking standards adopted pursuant to section 10-3-2727 of this chapter; provided, further, such compact spaces may not exceed twenty five percent (25%) of the required parking under this article, and such compact or tandem parking spaces shall be approved by conditional use permit in conjunction with a parking operations management program; and
   I.   The number of parking spaces required by this section may be reduced by not more than fifteen percent (15%) where a finding is made in approval of the conditional use permit that; because of the location of the hotel; availability of public transportation; or proximity and concentration of shopping to the hotel site, the hotel use will not generate a need for the number of parking spaces designated by this section. The provisions of section 10-3-2730 of this chapter relative to the joint use of parking facilities where one use is primarily a daytime use and the other use is primarily a nighttime use shall not be applicable to the parking required by this article. (Ord. 84-O-1937, eff. 11-1-1984; amd. Ord. 87-O-2005, eff. 10-15-1987; Ord. 96-O-2256, eff. 4-5-1996; Ord. 98-O-2304, eff. 8-7-1998; Ord. 98-O-2306, eff. 9-11-1998)