The action of the Council shall be by ordinance or resolution, and on the passage of each ordinance or resolution the vote shall be taken by ayes and nays and entered upon the journal, but this shall not apply to the ordering of an election, or direction by the Council to any board or officer to furnish the Council with information as to the affairs of any department or office.  No by-law, ordinance, or resolution of a general or permanent nature, or granting a franchise, or creating a right, or involving the expenditure of money, or the levying of a tax, or for the purchase, lease, sale or transfer of property, shall be passed until it has been fully and distinctly read on three (3) different days, and with respect to any such by-law, ordinance, or resolution, there shall be no authority to dispense with this rule, except by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of all members elected to the Council, taken by ayes and nays on each by-law, resolution, or ordinance, and entered on the journal.  By-laws, ordinances and resolutions shall be deemed to have been fully and distinctly read if a written or printed copy of the by-law, ordinance or resolution shall have been furnished to each Member of Council prior to its introduction and if the title thereof is fully read, provided that such by-law, ordinance or resolution shall be read in full if so directed by motion approved by affirmative vote of at least a majority of the Members of Council.  No ordinance or resolution shall be passed without the concurrence of a majority of all members elected to the Council.
   No ordinance or resolution shall contain more than one subject matter, which subject shall be clearly expressed in its title, and no ordinance or resolution shall be revised or amended unless the ordinance or resolution superseding it contains the entire ordinance or resolution so revised or amended or the section or sections so revised or amended, and having been revised or amended the original ordinance, resolution, section or sections thereof, shall be expressly repealed.
   All ordinances, resolutions, statements, orders, proclamations and reports required by law or by this Charter or by ordinance to be published shall be published in the manner provided by ordinance or if required to be posted shall be posted in City Hall and any other location as determined by the Mayor and/or Council, and for a period of not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the effective date thereof.  An emergency ordinance or resolution shall also be published or posted as aforesaid, but said requirement for posting or publishing shall not postpone the effective date thereof as provided in this Charter. 
(Amended 11-2-71; 11-6-01)