(a)   Regular Meetings.  At 7:30 p.m., local time, on the Monday following the Sunday on which its term of office commences, Council shall convene and organize, at which time the Council shall elect its officers.  Thereafter, the Council shall meet on the first and third Mondays of each calendar month at such time as it may hereafter set by ordinance.  If the regular meeting shall fall on a legal holiday, then such regular meeting shall be held on the day following.
(Amended 11/2/82)
   (b)   Public Meetings.  All meetings of the Council, whether regular or special, or of its committees shall be open to the public, and any citizen shall have access to the minutes and records thereof at all reasonable times; except that executive sessions may be held to discuss those subjects permitted by the General Laws of Ohio in accordance with the procedures set forth in the General Laws of Ohio.
(Amended 11/8/88)
   (c)   Special Meetings.  Special meetings may be called by the Mayor or any three (3) Members of Council.  There shall be given at least twenty-four (24) hours notice in writing of such special meeting, served personally on each Member of Council, as otherwise set forth by ordinance, or left at his usual place of residence.  Such notice shall state the subjects to be considered at the meeting and no other subjects shall be considered prior to the disposition of those for which such meeting was called. (Amended 11/8/16)
   (d)   Compel Attendance.  The attendance at any special meeting of the Council shall be considered a waiver of notice required by the preceding subsection and if two-thirds (2/3) of the members elected to Council are present the meeting may proceed as a duly called special meeting.
   (e)   Emergency Meetings.  Emergency meetings may be called by the Mayor or President of Council by written notice as provided in (c) hereof given at any time up to the time of meeting.
   (f)   Recess.  Council by majority vote may recess for the months of July and August.