The President of Council shall be elected by a popular vote and have the qualifications of councilman-at-large.
   The term of the President of Council shall be the same as for those elected to Council, and his duties shall be to preside at all meetings of Council, appoint various Council Committees, perform such duties as may be imposed by Council upon its presiding officer and such duties as are imposed on him by this Charter, and coordinate the work of the various committees appointed by him.  He shall be the Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of Council.
   If the President of Council dies, resigns, is removed from office or ceases to be a resident of the City, he shall cease to hold the office of President of Council, and the Council shall thereupon elect from its members one who shall serve as President of Council.  The person so chosen shall thereafter and to the end of his term of office be vested with all of the authority and responsibility of the office of President of Council, and the vacancy thereby created in Council shall be filled in the manner provided in Item 3 of this Section IV.
(Amended 11-7-06.)