1161.04  STANDARDS.
   (a)    Fire and Explosion Hazards.  In all activities involving, and all storage of, inflammable and explosive materials, the owner or operator of such use shall provide adequate safety devices against the hazard of fire and explosion and adequate firefighting and fire suppression equipment and devices standard in this industry. Burning of waste materials in open fires is prohibited. The relevant provisions of State and local laws and regulations shall also supply.
   (b)    Radioactivity or Electrical Disturbance.  No activities shall be permitted which emit dangerous radioactivity or electrical disturbance adversely affecting the operation of any equipment other than that of the creator of such disturbance.
   (c)    Noise.  At the points of measurement specified in Section 1161.03(b), the maximum sound pressure level radiated in each standard octave band by any use or facility (other than transportation facilities or temporary construction work) shall not exceed the values for octave bands lying within the several frequency limits given in Table III after applying the corrections shown in Table IV. The sound pressure level shall be measured with a sound level meter and associated octave band analyzer conforming to standards prescribed by the American Standards Association.
   (American Standard Sound Level Meters for Measurement of Noise and other Sounds, 224. 3-1944, American Standards Association, Inc., New York, N. Y., and American Standard Specification for an Octave-Band Filter Set for the Analysis of Noise and Other Sounds, 224. 10-1953, or latest approved revision thereof, American Standards Association, Inc., New York, N.Y., shall be used.) 
Frequency Ranges Containing
Standard Octave Bands
in Cycles Per Second
Octave Band Sound Pressure
Level in Decibels
re 0.0002 Dyne/cm2
20 - 300
300 - 2400
Above 2400
   If the noise is not smooth and continuous and is not radiated between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., one or more of the corrections in Table IV shall be applied to the octave band levels given in Table III.
Type or Location of Operation or
Character of Noise

Correction in Decibels
Daytime operation only
Noise source operates less than*
            20% of any one-hour period
            5% of any one-hour period
Noise of impulsive character, hammering, etc.
Noise of periodic character, hum, screech, etc.
Property is located in any “C” or “M” District and is not within 500 feet measured horizontally or vertically of any “R” District
5 (C-2)
10 (M-1)
*    Apply one of these corrections only.
   (d)    Vibration.  No vibration shall be permitted which is detectable without instruments at the points of measurement specified in Section 1161.03(b).
   (e)    Glare.  No direct or sky-reflected glare, whether from floodlights or from high temperature processes such as combustion or welding or otherwise, so as to be visible at the points of measurement specified in Section 1161.03(b). This restriction shall not apply to signs otherwise permitted by the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance.
   (f)    Smoke.  No emission of visible grey smoke shall be permitted, from any chimney or otherwise, which smoke is of a shade equal to or darker than No. 2 of the Power's Micro-Ringelmann Chart, published by McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Inc., and copyrighted 1954 (being a direct facsimile reduction of a standard Ringelmann Chart as issued by the United States Bureau of Mines), except that visible grey smoke of a shade equal to No. 3 on such chart may be emitted for four minutes in any thirty minutes.
   (g)    Odors.  No emission shall be permitted of odorous gases or other odorous matter in such quantities as to be readily detectable at the property line of the zone lot from which they are emitted without instruments.
   (h)    Other Forms of Air Pollution.  No emission of fly ash, dust, fumes, vapors, gases and other forms of air pollution shall be permitted which can cause any damage to health, to animals, vegetation or other forms of property, or which can cause any excessive
soiling. (Ord. 58(72-73). Passed 11-21-73.)