(a)    Definition of Elements.  No land or building in any "C" or "M" District which is used or occupied for heavy commercial or manufacturing purposes shall be operated in such a manner as to create any dangerous, injurious, noxious or otherwise objectionable, fire, explosive or other hazard; noise or vibration, smoke, dust, dirt or other form of air pollution; electrical or other disturbance; glare, or other substance; condition or element in such amount as to adversely affect the surrounding area or premises (referred to herein as "dangerous or objectionable elements"); provided that any use permitted by the Zoning Ordinance may be undertaken and maintained in any "C" or "M" District if it conforms to the regulations of this Section limiting dangerous and objectionable elements at the specified point or points of the determination of their existence.
   (b)    Locations Where Determinations Are to be Made for Enforcement of Performance Standards.  The determination of the existence of any dangerous and objectionable elements shall be made at:
      (1)    The point or points where such elements shall be most apparent for fire and explosion hazards, for radioactivity and electrical disturbances, for smoke and other forms of air pollution.
      (2)    The property lines of the use creating such elements for noise, for vibration, for glare and for odors.
         (Ord. 58(72-73). Passed 11-21-73.)