1153.08  SPECIAL USES.
   Special uses, as enumerated in Chapter 1145, shall be permitted only upon authorization by the Board of Zoning Appeals pursuant to Section 1137.04(a)(1), and subsequent to review by the Planning Commission pursuant to Section 1137.04(b), provided that such uses shall be found by the Board of Zoning Appeals to comply with the following requirements and other applicable requirements as set forth in the Zoning Ordinance: 
   (a)    That the use is a permitted special use as set forth in Chapter 1145.
   (b)    That the use is so designed, located and proposed to be operated that the public health, safety, welfare, and convenience will be protected.
   (c)    That the use will not cause substantial injury to the value of other property in the neighborhood where it is to be located.
   (d)    That the use shall be compatible with adjoining development and the proposed character of the zone district where it is to be located.
   (e)    That adequate landscaping and screening is provided as required in Section 1149.02(f) and as otherwise provided herein.
   (f)    That adequate off-street parking and loading is provided, and ingress and egress is so designed as to cause minimum interference with traffic on abutting streets.
   (g)    That the use conforms with all applicable regulations governing the district where located, except as may otherwise be determined for planned building groups or projects.
      (Ord. 58(72-73). Passed 11-21-73.)