(a)    Review of Applications and Appeals.
      (1)    Referral from the Board of Zoning Appeals.  The Board of Zoning Appeals shall refer to the Planning Commission all applications for special uses, and any other applications or appeals which in their opinion require review by the Planning Commission.
      (2)    Criteria for review.  The Planning Commission shall review such applications in accordance with applicable criteria set forth in Section 1153.08 .
      (3)    Report to the Board of Zoning Appeals.  The Planning Commission may approve, disapprove, or approve subject to conditions or modifications and shall report its findings to the Board of Zoning Appeals within thirty days of receipt thereof; such report shall state all recommended conditions and modifications and the reasons for such approval or disapproval.
   (b)    Review of Plans for Special Uses.  Due to the relative diversity of uses permitted as Special Uses, the Planning Commission shall review each application for any special use to determine that such use will not be incompatible with or detrimental to adjoining uses; and further, where an application shall be for a special use, adequate safeguards shall be recommended by the Planning Commission to the Board of Zoning Appeals to be a condition precedent to the issuance of a permit for such use.
   (c)    Addition of Other Similar Uses.
      (1)    Procedure.  Upon application or on its own initiative and after a public hearing preceded by due notice, the Planning Commission may recommend to Council additional uses to be included in Chapter 1145 , provided that such uses conform with the conditions set forth in the special findings required in subsection (c) (2) hereof.
      (2)   Conditions.
         A.   Such use is not permitted in any other zone district, and if so permitted shall not be further permitted in a more restricted district than the district where such use is first permitted.
         B.   Such use is more appropriate in the district or districts where it is added than in any other district or districts.
         C.   Such use conforms to the basic characteristics of the district to which it is to be added and will not adversely affect any uses already permitted in such districts.
         D.   Such use does not create any danger to health and safety.
         E.   Such use is not likely to create any more traffic that other uses permitted in such district, and does not create any more dangerous or objectionable influences normally resulting from other permitted uses.
   (d)   Report to City Council.  Following the enactment of the Zoning Ordinance, the Planning Commission shall, from time to time, prepare and file with Council, but in no case at less than two year intervals, a report on the operation of the Zoning Ordinance including recommendations on the enactment of amendments, supplements or changes thereto.
(Ord. 58(72-73).  Passed 11-21-73.)