A.   The town clerk is an officer of the town.
   B.   As clerk, the town clerk shall:
      1.   Keep the journal of proceedings of the board of trustees;
      2.   Enroll all ordinances and resolutions passed by the board of trustees in a book or set of books kept for that purpose;
      3.   Have custody of documents, records, and archives as may be provided for by law or by ordinance, and have custody of the town seal;
      4.   Attest and affix the seal of the town to documents as required by law or ordinance;
      5.   Have such other powers, duties and functions related to the statutory duties of the clerk as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
   C.   The pay period for the clerk shall be biweekly in such sum as set in section 2-111 of this chapter contingent upon the clerk's performance of the clerk's statutory duties.
   D.   The person serving as town clerk may be employed by the town to perform duties not related to the statutory duties of clerk as an employee of the town. The additional duties shall be performed by the person serving as clerk or as otherwise provided by motion or other action of the town board. The person performing additional duties shall serve at the pleasure of the board and shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by the board. The pay period for performing additional duties shall be the same as for other town employees and in accordance with any personnel policy or other policy of the town. The salary for performing additional duties shall not be subject to constitutional restrictions. (1998 Code)