A.   For the purposes of this section, the following terms shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them herein:
    HUMAN EXCREMENT: The bowel and kidney discharge of human beings.
   SANITARY PIT PRIVY: A privy which is built, rebuilt or constructed so as to conform with the specifications approved by the state health department.
   SANITARY WATER CLOSET: The flush type toilet which is connected with a sanitary sewer line of such capacity and construction as to carry away the contents at all times.
   B.   Every owner of a residence or other building in which humans reside, are employed or congregate within this town shall install, equip and maintain adequate sanitary facilities for the disposal of human excrement by use of a sanitary water closet or a sanitary pit privy. The closets and toilets hereby required shall be of the sanitary water closet type when located within one hundred fifty feet (150') of a sanitary sewer and accessible thereto and of the sanitary water closet type (notwithstanding a greater distance from a sanitary sewer) or the water closet type emptying into a septic tank system or the pit privy type. A septic tank system or a pit privy may be used in such cases only if it meets the standards of and is approved by the state health department.
   C.   All human excrement disposed of within this town shall be disposed of by depositing it in closets and privies of the type provided for in this section. It is unlawful for any owner of property within the town to permit the disposal of human excrement thereon in any other manner, or for any person to dispose of human excrement within the town in any other manner.
   D.   All privies shall be kept clean and sanitary at all times, and the covers of the seats of privies shall be kept closed at all times when the privies are not being used. No wash water, kitchen slop or anything other than human excrement and toilet paper shall be emptied into a privy. No excrement from any person suffering from typhoid fever, dysentery or other serious bowel disease shall be deposited in any sanitary pit privy or sanitary water closet until it is disinfected in such a manner as may be prescribed by the health officer.
   E.   All facilities for the disposal of human excrement in a manner different from that required by this section and all privies and closets so constructed, situated or maintained as to endanger the public health are hereby declared to be public nuisances, and may be dealt with and abated as such. Any person maintaining any such nuisance is guilty of an offense and each day upon which any such nuisance continues is a separate offense.
   F.   No residence, business or commercial building, nor any other premises in the town, if located within three hundred feet (300') of any public sewer lateral or main shall be connected to or in any manner served by a septic tank; no such person shall allow the installation, maintenance, operation or use of any septic tank in violation of this section. (1998 Code)