7-501: Citation And Codification
7-502: Definitions
7-503: Excise Tax On Storage, Use Or Other Consumption Of Tangible, Personal Property Levied
7-504: Purpose Of Revenues
7-505: Exemptions
7-506: Time When Due; Returns; Payment
7-507: Tax Constitutes Debt
7-508: Collection Of Tax By Retailer Or Vendor
7-509: Collection Of Tax By Retailer Or Vendor Not Maintaining Place Of Business Within State Or Both Within And Without State; Permits
7-510: Revoking Permits
7-511: Remunerative Deductions Allowed Vendors Or Retailers Of Other States
7-512: Interest And Penalties; Delinquency
7-513: Waiver Of Interest And Penalties
7-514: Erroneous Payments; Claim For Refund
7-515: Fraudulent Returns
7-516: Records Confidential
7-517: Classification Of Taxpayers
7-518: Subsisting State Permits
7-519: Provisions Cumulative