The following rules, regulations and conditions shall be observed by each permittee:
   (a)   All accommodations must afford easy and unobstructed access to a hall or passageway or to the outdoors;
   (b)   In every hotel, motel or tourist home hereafter erected, all accommodations shall be in compliance with the State Codes and Property Maintenance Code as adopted by the city and all applicable building codes in the city;
   (c)   In every hotel, motel or tourist home there must be provided at least one toilet, washing facilities and shower and/or bathtub for every eight or fewer occupants. Hot and cold running water must be provided;
   (d)   The third or higher floor of any building shall not be used for lodging or sleeping purposes, unless equipped with fire escape facilities as required by all applicable regulations and codes and unless otherwise approved by the proper authorities designated in those regulations and codes;
   (e)   Accommodations must be kept clean and free from dirt, vermin, garbage and rubbish. The permittee shall be responsible for the sanitary maintenance of the entire premises;
   (f)   Clean sheets, pillow cases, blankets and towels must be provided before a transient guest may occupy a bed previously occupied by a different guest;
   (g)   The cooking of food in or upon the premises is prohibited except in a kitchenette facility in compliance with this chapter, applicable codes and regulations, and approved by the proper authorities designated in those codes and regulations, or as may be accomplished in a microwave oven provided by the permittee. The use of hot plates or similar equipment which can be utilized to heat or cook food is specifically prohibited. However, microwave ovens or coffee makers provided by the permittee may be used in the premises. A notice to this effect shall be conspicuously posted in each accommodation, utilizing bold lettering;
   (h)   No guest shall remove any furniture from any of the permittee's facilities; nor shall any guest permit any furniture, regardless of whether it belongs to the permittee, to be placed outside of the accommodations. A permittee, its agent(s) or its employee(s) shall take prompt action to immediately remove furniture from any area of public egress, whether it be a porch, driveway, walkway or any similar area;
   (i)   A register shall be provided and maintained on the premises near the main entrance. Register information shall be maintained by a permittee for a period of one year. The register shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The name and address of every guest renting an accommodation. The permittee, or its agent, servant or employee shall request proper photo identification from all guests who are actually renting the accommodation and who pay for it with a means other than a financial transaction device and shall note in the register whether such request was made and whether such identification was actually provided;
      (2)   The make, year, model and color of every motor vehicle parked by a guest on the permittee's premises;
      (3)   The date and time of arrival and date of departure of every guest, the number of days each guest has been at the establishment during the calendar year and the amount paid by the guest for each stay;
      (4)   Where at least two persons occupy the same room, the total number of occupants that shall be lodging in and/or occupying the accommodation;
   (j)   Permittee shall maintain, and enforce, a list of guests to whom the permittee will not provide an accommodation and/or who has been banned from permittee's premises. The guest's name shall be maintained for a period of 90 days following the ban and/or following the end of the time when permittee has refused to provide an accommodation to the guest, whichever date shall be later.
   (k)   Permittee shall prominently post notices and signs that clearly outline acceptable and unacceptable guest behaviors.
   (l)   In addition to the required register information, the permittee shall also maintain telephone usage records for a period of one year for each room, accommodation and telephone (with the exception of public “pay” telephones) on the permittee's premises. The information to be maintained shall include but is not limited to the telephone number called, the date and time of the call and the telephone and/or room from which the call was made; The police may request to inspect the register and/or telephone records required under this section, provided however, if such request is refused by the Owner, Operator, Manager, desk clerk or any other person in charge of any hotel, motel, and/or tourist home inspection shall not occur without a search warrant.
   (m)   No permittee shall knowingly permit any accommodations and/or other location on the premises to be used for an unlawful purpose. A permittee with reasonable cause to believe that the premises are being used for an unlawful purpose shall be deemed to be “knowing” for purposes of this section;
   (n)   All permittees shall permit free access to areas of the premises open to the public by building officials, the fire marshal, the Chief of Police or their representatives at all reasonable times. All permittees shall exhibit, upon demand, a valid permit issued by the city authorizing the operation of the establishment. Before a permit is issued under this chapter and bi-annually thereafter prior to renewal inspection of the premises shall be made by the inspection division, which shall certify that the premises comply with applicable provisions of the Property Maintenance Code. The bi-annual inspection period shall take place between October 1 through December 31, subsequent to the initial inspection;
   (o)   The right to occupy any accommodation shall not be assigned or transferred without the express written consent of the permittee. No permittee shall allow any transient guest to obtain accommodations for more than twenty eight consecutive days in a ninety consecutive day period, except as provided in Section 818.16 ;
   (p)   All permittees shall post a safety notice in each accommodation, in a prominent and conspicuous place and manner, containing the following information:
      (1)   An accurate egress route to be followed by the permittee's guests in the event of fire or other emergency, except where the accommodation has an existing door opening directly to the outdoors at ground level;
      (2)   City contact information to register a complaint; and
      (3)   Emergency contact numbers, including 9-1-1.
   (q)   These Rules and Regulations (Section 818.15 ) and permit issued under this chapter shall be conspicuously displayed with the permit at each registration area.
(Ord. 04-2020. Passed 10-6-20.)