(a)   No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged into the MS4 or watercourses any materials, including but not limited to pollutants or waters containing any pollutants that cause or contribute to a violation of applicable water quality standards, other than storm water. Examples include overland runoff from car wash facilities, from dumpsters, from tree nurseries, or intentional dumping of pollutants down storm drains – such as, but not limited to, used automobile oil, pesticides, and herbicides.
   (b)   No person shall construct, use or maintain any existing illicit connections or non-storm sewer lines to the MS4. Additionally, this prohibition expressly includes, without limitation, illicit connections made in the past, regardless of whether the connection was permissible under law or practices applicable or prevailing at the time of connection. All such connections shall be abandoned within thirty days of the effective date of this chapter. A person is considered to be in violation of this chapter if the person connects a line conveying sewage to the MS4, or allows such a connection to continue.
   (c)   Private septic systems shall operate in a manner such that any effluent waters do not enter or infiltrate into storm sewer lines. Such occurrences will be considered illicit discharges and the owner of the offending system will be in violation of this chapter. Other considerations concerning private septic systems are presented in Chapter 1040.
(Ord. 03-08. Passed 3-18-08.)