(a)   No person shall, as an owner, agent or otherwise, furnish, operate, conduct, advertise or otherwise be engaged in the operation of an ambulance or ambulance operation upon any street, highway, alley, public way or public place in the City without having obtained a license as provided for in this chapter.
   (b)   No person shall operate, or cause to be operated, any ambulance, public or private, or any other vehicle commonly used for the transportation or conveyance of sick or injured persons upon the streets of the City until and unless such person is currently licensed by the Department and meets all requirements of State statutes and the rules of all applicable State agencies.
   (c)   A license as provided for in this chapter shall not be required for the following:
      (1)   An ambulance operated by an agency of the United States.
      (2)   A vehicle from another State or Canada, as long as the vehicle is performing a requested service and its trip does not begin and end in the City.
      (3)   An ambulance owned and operated by a person solely for the transportation of that person's employees for injury or illness sustained in the course of their employment.
      (4)   Vehicles requested or required by a governmental entity to provide patient aid in case of large scale public disaster.
      (5)   A vehicle used for the transportation or conveyance of any patient from outside the limits of the City to a location inside the limits of the City.
      (6)   A vehicle used to transport or convey any patient from any location inside the limits of the City to a destination outside the limits of the City.
      (7)   Any specialized ambulance, when requested by a physician, that is designed to provide a service that an advanced mobile emergency care service is not capable of or is not routinely engaged in, such as, but not limited to, neonatal care ambulances.
      (8)   An ambulance provided by an ambulance operation not licensed under this chapter, when such is requested by an ambulance operation licensed by this chapter when no vehicle meeting the requirements of this chapter is available to the requesting ambulance operation.  Instances occurring under this paragraph shall be submitted on the report required by Section 804.04(f).
(Ord. 14-90.  Passed 6-5-90; Ord. 06-2010. Passed 6-15-10.)