(A)   The Building Officer shall grant a TRP only if:
      1.   All reasonable efforts have been undertaken in the architectural layout and design of the proposed construction or other activity to preserve woodlands; or
      2.   The removal of the heritage trees is consistent with sound forestry practice found in subsection 4-6-8(C), table C of this chapter or will result in the enhancement of the woodland; and
      3.   The transplanting of the woodlands is not feasible.
   (B)   As a condition to granting a TRP, the applicant shall be required to replace the heritage trees that will be destroyed in accordance with section 4-6-6 of this chapter with those tree species identified in subsection 4-6-8(A), table A of this chapter. Replacement trees shall be acquired and planted in conformance with subsections 4-6-8(C), table C and (D), table D of this chapter.
   (C)   A TRP shall expire and become null and void if work authorized by the TRP is not commenced within one growing season from the date of issuance of the TRP or if such work, when commenced, is suspended or abandoned at any time for a period of ninety (90) days.
   (D)   Except as set forth herein no certificate of compliance as required by section 5-10-3 of this Code shall be issued until any required replacement of heritage trees, as required by the TRP, has been completed and after three (3) growing seasons, the final tree inspection approval has been given by the Building Officer in consultation with the Village Arborist.
      1.   Exception: Upon good cause shown as to why the required replacement of heritage trees has not been completed, the Building Officer may issue a temporary certificate of compliance for a period of six (6) months until the TRP has been completed, and final tree inspection conducted. In addition to the loss of the cash escrow required by subsection 4-6-3(E) of this chapter, the failure to complete the TRP within the six (6) month extension period shall result in a violation of this chapter, and shall be subject to the general penalty procedures provided in section 1-4-1 of this Code.
   (E)   In the event the completion of the required TPP is prevented by seasonal weather conditions, or availability of plant stock, the Building Officer in consultation with the Village Arborist may extend the date of completion by six (6) months into the next growing season.
   (F)   The TRP shall be in a written form and shall be prominently posted on the site so as to provide notice to the owner, owner's agent, and to all persons working or seeking to work on the site. The TRP shall state the conditions under which forestry activities are occurring on the site and any other information that may assist in the identification of the TRP. (Ord. 19-14, 7-22-2019)