(A)   When Permit Is Required: It shall be unlawful to construct, enlarge, alter, remove or demolish a building or change the occupancy of a building from one use group to another requiring greater strength, exitway or sanitary provisions; or to change to a prohibited use; or to install or alter any equipment for which provision is made or the installation of which is regulated by the International Code series or by other provisions of this chapter or other codes adopted herein, without first filing an application with the Building Officer in writing and obtaining the required permit therefor; except the ordinary repairs as defined in section 102.0 of said International Building Code and the International Residential Code or in other relevant codes which do not involve any code violation shall be exempt from this provision.
   (B)   Issuance Of Permit: No permit shall be issued unless the application and supporting documentation are in compliance with the provisions of this chapter and all other provisions of this Code and unless the applicable fee in section 4-1-6 of this chapter has been paid.
   (C)   Form Of Application: Application for such permits shall be made to the Building Department, with the number of copies from time to time required, upon the form prepared by the Village.
      1.   A filing fee shall accompany every application in accordance with the following schedule:
Single-family residence
All other permitted construction
The filing fee shall be applied toward the applicable fee owed by the applicant under section 4-1-6 of this chapter.
      2.   Every application for a building permit shall be deemed to be or shall include as a part thereof an application for an occupancy permit (which may also be referred to as an application for a compliance certificate under the zoning regulations of the Village).
   (D)   By Whom Application Is Made: Application for a permit shall be made by the owner or lessee of the building or structure, or agent of either, or by the licensed engineer or architect employed in connection with the proposed work. The full names and addresses of the owner, lessee, applicant and of the responsible officers, if the owner or lessee is a corporate body, shall be stated in the application.
   (E)   Description Of Work: The application shall contain a general description of the proposed work, its location, the use and occupancy of all parts of the building or structure and of all portions of the site or lot not covered by the building and such additional information as may be required by the Building Officer. The application must also contain a plat of survey prepared by a registered Illinois land surveyor showing lot dimensions, total area, all existing improvements, all easements of record and all building and setback lines required by the zoning regulations of the Village or any recorded document. After the foundation for a new building or any addition to an existing building has been completed, the applicant shall furnish a survey prepared by a registered Illinois surveyor showing the location of such foundation; this may be shown upon a recertification of the plat filed at the time the building permit was secured. In the event that such plat is not filed within fifteen (15) days after said foundation is completed, all further work shall cease until said plat is filed; if the further work has been completed, no occupancy permit shall be issued until said plat is filed.
   (F)   Engineering Details: The Building Officer may require adequate details of structural, mechanical and electrical work including computations, stress diagrams and other essential data to be filed. All engineering plans and computations shall bear the signature of the engineer or architect responsible for the design. Plans for buildings more than two (2) stories in height shall indicate how required structural and fire resistance rating integrity will be maintained, and where a penetration will be made for electrical, mechanical, plumbing and communication conduits, pipes and systems.
   (G)   Amendments To Application: Subject to the limitations of subsection (H) of this section, amendments to a plan, application or other records accompanying the same may be filed at any time before completion of the work for which the permit is sought or issued; and such amendments shall be deemed part of the original application and shall be filed therewith.
   (H)   Time Limitation Of Application: An application for a permit for any proposed work shall be deemed to have been abandoned sixty (60) days after the date of filing, unless such application has been diligently prosecuted. Any documents, plans or other records submitted with such abandoned application shall be returned to the applicant without further responsibility for their preservation by the Building Officer. The filing fee shall not be returned to the applicant, but shall be deemed earned upon payment. This supersedes the time limitations in section 105.3.2 of all adopted codes.
   (I)   Time Limitation For The Start Of Construction: Whenever any building permit is issued, the construction contemplated by such building permit shall commence within sixty (60) days from the issuance of such building permit, exclusive of any days in the months of December, January and February. In the event such construction is not commenced within said sixty (60) day period, the building permit shall be null and void and any subsequent construction shall require a new application and fee submitted to the Building Officer and a new building permit to be issued pursuant thereto. This supersedes the time limitations in section 105.3.2 of all adopted codes.
   (J)   Time Limitation For The Completion Of Construction: Whenever any construction contemplated by a building permit is commenced within the prescribed period, such construction shall be completed within the following times from the date of the issuance of said building permit, exclusive of any days within the months of December, January and February, or shall be deemed to have been abandoned:
      1.   New single-family residence: Eighteen (18) months;
      2.   Single family remodeling and additions of all buildings: Twelve (12) months;
      3.   Agricultural, commercial, industrial and other nonresidential buildings and structures: Time set by terms of the building permit;
      4.   Accessory buildings and/or uses, including swimming pools, tennis courts, satellite antenna with screening which shall be completed concurrently: Six (6) months;
      5.   Septic repairs: Three (3) months; and
      6.   Site development, including artificial lakes: Time set by terms of the site development permit.
In the event that said construction is not completed within the prescribed period, the owner shall be liable for a fine of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each day the building, structure, or site development remains incomplete and shall further be liable for any cost incurred by the Village to remove any hazard or threat to public safety that may exist because of the abandoned construction. Nothing in this section shall prevent the Building Officer from requiring completion of such construction by an earlier prescribed date in those instances where there exists immediate or imminent threat to the public health, safety or welfare.
   (K)   Extensions Of Time: Upon a written request, which provides justifiable cause and a demonstrated need of any applicant or building permit holder, the Building Officer may grant for reasonable cause one or more extensions of time not exceeding ninety (90) days each, to any prescribed period in this chapter. This supersedes the time limitations in section 105.3.2 of all adopted codes. The fee for such granting of each extension is two hundred dollars ($200.00).
   (L)   Additional Requirements: To the extent that further applicable building permit requirements are imposed by any code adopted by reference in this title or the regulation for satellite antennas, swimming pools, wells, private sewage disposal systems, hereafter referred to in this title, said further building permit requirements shall be complied with in addition to the applicable requirements of this section.
   (M)   Construction Hours: Section 105.8 Construction Hours adds a new section to read: Construction may commence between the hours of 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM for Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM on Saturday and from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM on Sunday.
   (N)   Mud On Street: The owner or contractor is responsible for all delivery trucks doing damage to public property. Mud deposited on the streets must be cleaned immediately. All lots shall be kept clean of all construction debris. (Ord. 18-09, 8-27-2018, eff. 1-1-2019)