A.   Prohibited Businesses: Automobile wrecking yards, junk yards, slaughterhouses, butane and propane manufacturers and/or distributing concerns and all other businesses whereby or by means of which a condition dangerous to health or property, or any accumulation of junk or other unsightly and offensive matter is scattered over any considerable area of the premises, or whereby or by reason of which any offensive odor, or other generally offensive condition or any condition detrimental to or likely to detract from the value or sightliness of adjacent property, is regularly created, are hereby declared to be public nuisances, and no such business shall be licensed or permitted to be established within the corporate limits of the Town, nor within one mile of such limits.
   B.   Securing License By Fraud Or Misrepresentation: No business shall be deemed to be licensed in the Town when it shall be found that such license has been secured through fraud or misrepresentation or in violation of any provision of this Chapter or other ordinances of the Town. The securing of any license by fraud or misrepresentation shall be just cause for revocation of such license by the governing body and shall subject such person to the penalty provided in Section 2-1-12 of this Chapter. (Ord. 82-13, 10-19-1982)