1907.01  LOCATION.
   In the Territorial Limits, no public entrance to an Adults Only Establishment shall be located within two thousand (2,000) feet of any property on which is situated any of the following:
   (a)    A public or private child daycare facility, kindergarten, elementary, grade, middle, junior, senior, secondary or vocational school;
   (b)    A public or private institution of higher education;
   (c)    A public or private business school or college;
   (d)    A public park or recreational facility; including but not limited to a park, a playground, nature trail, swimming pool, athletic field, basketball court, tennis court, wilderness area or other similar public land within the Territorial Limits or otherwise;
   (e)    A public library;
   (f)    A church, mosque, temple or synagogue or other building used as a place of religious worship or instruction;
   (g)    A Federal, state, county or municipal office building;
   (h)    Another Adults Only Establishment;
   (i)    An establishment that is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages; or
   (j)    A residence.
      (Ord. 2005-10.  Passed 1-3-06.)