The Director of the Department of Finance shall be responsible for the establishment, maintenance and operation of an orderly and efficient system for making purchases of all materials, supplies and equipment needed by, or utilized by, the Village of Barboursville in and about the conduct of its Municipal affairs, when such purchases have been authorized, sanctioned or approved by the Council.  The Director of Finance shall insure that the Village's methods and techniques utilized in the making of purchases, as aforesaid, are in compliance with general law, including Municipal ordinances and resolutions of the Council, that they are authorized within the Village budget then in effect, and that services, materials, supplies and equipment ordered or contracted by the Village are delivered in accordance with such purchase orders and contracts.  The Director of Finance shall have knowledge and experience in the field of Municipal purchasing, and shall, subject to the limitations imposed by this Charter, general law, and duly enacted Municipal ordinances, have authority to, and shall be required to, contract for and purchase all supplies, materials, equipment and services required for each office, department, division or agency of the Village; prepare or maintain, endorse and publish specifications with respect to supplies, materials and equipment required by the Village; inspect or supervise the inspection of all deliveries of supplies, materials and equipment to determine their quality, quantity and conformity with purchase order specifications and provide for the distribution thereof to the appropriate office, department, division or agency; have charge of storerooms and warehouses; and transfer to and between offices, departments, divisions and agencies or sell surplus, obsolete or unused supplies, materials and equipment, in such manner as may be authorized by law.
(Ord. 95-06.  Passed 12-19-95.)