The Barboursville Sanitary Board, as heretofore created and constituted, shall survive the approval of this Charter and shall continue in full force and effect, in accordance with the laws of the State of West Virginia, and with the same effect as though said Sanitary Board had been created by this Charter.  All Municipal powers, duties and authority pertaining to sewers, sewerage, and City sewage collection, treatment and disposal works are hereby withdrawn from the Village Council and vested in the Sanitary Board.  Subsequent to the effective date of this Charter, the Sanitary Board shall consist of three members, one of whom shall be the Mayor, ex officio.  The term of office of the member who is the Mayor shall run concurrently with his term of office as Mayor.  Of the remaining two members of the Board holding office at the time of the adoption of this Charter, the Council shall, as soon as possible subsequent to the approval of this Charter, designate by official resolution one of the two, by name, to serve for a term of six years, commencing July 1, 1986, and the other of the two to serve for a term of four years, commencing July 1, 1986.  Thereafter, upon the expiration of the terms of the two members so designated, Council shall appoint their successors by duly adopted resolution to serve for six-year terms.  The terms of all members shall commence on the first day of July in the year of their respective appointments and shall expire on the last day of June in the final year of their terms.