The Village Engineer shall:  Act as engineering adviser to the Mayor, Council and Municipal agencies, commissions and boards unless otherwise provided by law; provide engineering services for the Village in the construction, purchase and maintenance of its facilities, public works and equipment, except such services for the Village as are performed by independent contractors, and to the extent that such services are performed by independent contractors, to inspect and certify, prior to acceptance thereof or payment therefor, the satisfactory performance of all work done for the Village, or for any of its boards, agencies or commissions, by such independent contractors; supervise and regulate the issuance of permits for construction; supervise and regulate the inspection of buildings, construction, electrical, plumbing, elevator and other building installations; maintain and preserve, as custodian for the Village, all records, plats, maps, specifications, and similar documents pertaining to the public works, property, improvements and streets of the Village; and furnish upon request, at such fee as may be established by ordinance, certified copies, of any such material pertaining to the engineering affairs of the Village for which he or she is responsible.