The Judge of the Municipal Court shall preside over the Municipal Court and, with respect to offenses over which the Municipal Court has jurisdiction, he or she shall have all the powers and duties which a Magistrate has with regard to violation of the criminal law of the State of West Virginia.  The Municipal Judge shall have power to issue warrants, upon complaint under oath of any person or officer, for the arrest of anyone charged with any Municipal offense within the jurisdiction of the Court or for search and seizure in connection with violation of a Municipal ordinance.  The Municipal Judge shall try and determine all cases over which the Court has jurisdiction and, within the limits prescribed by ordinance or general law, shall have power to punish by fine, imprisonment or both.  The Municipal Judge shall have power to summon persons or supoena witnesses for the trial of any case before the Court, to compel the attendance of police officers of the City or to require the Chief of Police to enforce all judgments or orders entered by the Court in the exercise of its powers.  In Municipal Court proceedings for the recovery of fines or for the enforcement of penalties fixed by ordinance or other law, the Court shall, so far as applicable, conform to the provisions of general law governing civil proceedings before a Magistrate of the State of West Virginia.  The Municipal Judge shall have such other powers and duties as Council may by ordinance provide pursuant to general law.