Any customer desiring discontinuance of sewer service due to the vacancy of his premises shall make application therefor directly to the Sanitary Board.  Only premises which are both vacant and have had the water supply shut off for one or more complete monthly billing periods are eligible for exoneration from sewer user charges.  No exoneration shall be granted for less than one full month.  In the case of premises with private water supply facilities, such application shall be supported by an affidavit to the effect that such water supply has been shut off.  Application for exoneration shall be made at least five days in advance of the beginning of discontinuance of service.  In all cases involving water service from the Village, such service shall not be restored until the owner of the improved property has paid the necessary charge for the reinstallation of the water meter and opening of the water service line.
(Ord.  2007-06. Passed 7-17-07.)